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Q Why is there a "meet and greet"?
A The "meet and greet" is a visit that allows you to get to know our service. During this visit, Home Alone Preferred Pet Care will perform the following tasks: introduce ourselves to you and your pet(s), pick up keys, and collect your pre-filled out pertinent information about you and your pet(s) (e.g. vet information, emergency contact, special requests, etc.), and answer any additional questions you may have.    
Q What are your service areas?
A Home Alone Preferred Pet Care currently services the following areas:
Orange Park, Doctor's Inlet, Middleburg, parts of Green Cove Springs, Fleming Island, Argyle, and some points off Collins Rd. in Jacksonville.  We are continuously expanding. So please contact us if you do not see your area listed.
Q Will my dog(s), cat(s) and/or other pets receive individualized attention?
A Absolutely.  We pride ourselves in guaranteeing that your dog(s), cat(s) and/or other pets will receive the best quality individualized attention for a FULL 40-45 minutes, which can include a dog walk, if desired.  
Q What else do you include in your services?
A If you are going to be on vacation, or need to be away on an extended business trip, we will bring in the mail, pick up newspapers, water indoor plants and take out the garbage.
Q What if I need an emergency pet care service?
A For mid-day dog walking we need a phone call by 11:00am.  If you need a second walk for that day we need a phone call by 3:00pm.  If you need a dog walk Saturday or Sunday, we need a phone call by noon on Friday. For cat and small animal care we need 24 hour notice. If less than 24 hours there is a $15 surcharge.
Q Are there extra costs for services performed on a holiday?
A We consider the following to be our major annual holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve Day. There is a $5.00 surcharge plus the standard charge for the service being provided on these dates. Additionally, we must receive a non-refundable payment for the Thanksgiving service visit by November 15th of that year, and a non-refundable payment for the Christmas and New Year holiday service visits by December 15th of that year. There is no refund for cancellation on holidays.
Q Can you give my pet his medicine?
A Due to the stress on the animal, we strongly urge you to administer all medications to your pet. However, when that is not possible because you will be away from home and your pet needs its medicine, then we will attempt to administer medicine orally, only.
Q What if my dog doesn't like a leash?
A As it is a city ordinance to have all dogs on leashes when in a public area and for the safety of your pet, Home Alone Preferred Pet Care will always have your pet leashed.
Q How will you discipline my pet, if necessary?
A Home Alone Preferred Pet Care believes in positive reinforcement for pets. We will never hit, spank, slap, yank the leash, yell or grab your pet. If there is a disciplinary problem, i.e. toilet training issues, running away, etc., you will be informed of the incident(s) and we will implement you
Q My pet has been aggressive in the past - can it still be a client?
A Unfortunately, we can not sit for aggressive pets.  If at any time we feel that it is unsafe to perform a service for a current customer, we will reserve the right to discontinue that service without notice.
r suggested disciplinary actions for future visits.
Q Do you have boarding facilities?
A No. We, at Home Alone Preferred Pet Care, believe that in-home care, as experts also agree, eliminates the trauma of transporting pets to a boarding facility, minimizes exposure to illnesses of other boarding animals and gives the personal attention your pet(s) deserves.
Q How do I drop off or pick up house keys?
A We will need a key to access entry to your home (and pet!).  Please have a key and security code, if used, ready for us to pick up at the "meet and greet" session. If you are giving newly copied keys, we ask that you MAKE CERTAIN TO TEST ALL KEYS TO SEE THAT THEY WORK before giving them to Home Alone Preferred Pet Care
If you are moving or your locks have changed, we ask that you contact us immediately.
Q What type of payment do you accept and when am I charged?
A We accept cash, or checks.   All payments are to be received and processed at the time of your scheduled appointments.

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