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From our experience, Home Alone Preferred Pet Care has found that pets are less stressed and healthier when they remain in their familiar settings and follow their regular routines.  Boarding facilities are not pet vacation spas!   Your pets are typically caged almost all day and night, and may only be allowed out in a small "run" a few times per day.  The facility is noisy, dark at night, and full of unfamiliar and possibly frightening smells.  Usually the food is different from what your pets are accustomed to eating.  In addition, because many kennels are affiliated with veterinary offices, the kennel does double duty as a hospital for pets recuperating from surgery and disease.       

By providing in-home pet sitter service, Home Alone Preferred Pet Care will ensure that your pets follow their regular schedules while receiving lots of love and attention.

We realize that pet owners have busy lives.  For some, your work and social calendars regularly keep you away from home and your pets for more than 12 hours at a stretch.  And many pet owners have no one reliable who can care for their beloved companions.  Increasingly, these busy folks turn to Home Alone Preferred Pet Care for pet visits.   

Your pet sitter visit will provide comfort, companionship and a touch of loving care.  Young dogs need time to stretch their legs and play, perhaps even have a nice walk around the neighborhood.  For senior canine citizens, in-home visits provide necessary relief.  Feline companions need playtime, treats, and a loving hand to rub their ears and tummies, too.  

For longer, extended times away from home, such as vacations, our pet sitter will also provide the following complimentary services in their daily visits:

  • alternating lights and window treatments

  • water indoor plants as requested

  • remove garbage and recycle items     


Pet sitting visits also include giving oral medications, which can be extremely important if cats or dogs are on prescriptions requiring periodic dosages.  Because of insurance policies, our pet sitter will only give oral meds and vitamins.                          

Remember, our visits don't end with food, water and a pat on the head.  We provide customized service to meet the needs of each individual pet.  Home Alone Preferred Pet Care has experience with all types of animals, from dogs and cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, turtles, fresh and saltwater fish.  Call us today to schedule your in-home consultation and take the worry out of leaving your furry family members behind!

Current Service Areas:  

Orange Park, (including Loch Rane, Country Club of Orange Park, & Eagle Landing), parts of Lake Asbury, Middleburg, Fleming Island, Eagle Harbor, Oakleaf Plantation, Argyle, Doctor's Inlet and Collins Rd.., Jacksonville.   

If you live in an area not listed, please call Home Alone Preferred Pet Care at 904.477.2605.  We may still be able to service you.

    Our Rates

                                                                                Scheduled Visits:

Per Visit Fee:   $20.00  


Each pet after the first is $2.00 additional per visit.
(example:  2 dogs, 3 visits=$66.00)
(example:  2 cats, 1 visit=$22.00)  

Emergency Visit:   $25.00

One Time Only Meet & Greet Fee:   $10.00   This includes our consultation

visit and all of your required paperwork.

Please note:

Your fee for the first scheduled sit is due at the time of our Meet and Greet.


Mileage Fee:

We offer 20 free round trip miles.   Mileage over the free 20 round trip

miles will be charged .50 per mile.

Please go to:  googlemaps.com

Click directions and enter your address and our address: 


956 Lakeridge Dr., Orange Park, Fl. 32065


If the total mileage shown is more than 10 miles, for a total round trip of

more than 20 miles, the additional mileage rate applies.


Google Maps shows it is 13 miles to your home from our above address.   

Round trip to your home would be 26 miles.  Subtract 20 from 26

(20 is the round trip mileage that is included in our service for free),

the additional mileage would be 6,  6 X .50  or $3.00 per round trip

                Other Services and Fees

                Emergency Vet Fee Visit:

               Up to 2 hours:        $50.00

               2 to 4 hours:          $100.00

Vet visits include round trip and wait time.

Excess Time/per 10 minutes:         $5.00
(extra time on a regular sit for pet accidents/household situations such as water leaks, electrical problems, etc.)

Pet Supply delivery service:         $15.00

Additional visits to pick-up or
drop off keys after initial visit:

         Holidays-Please add            $10.00

(The following are Holidays--New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day). 

Please schedule Thanksgiving and Christmas sits 10 days before the holiday.  Our sits are booked on a first come, first served bases.  

Late Holiday bookings, if available, will incur an additional $10.00 fee.   

Member:  Pet Sitter Assocates LLC

email:  homealonepreferredpetcare@gmail.com

Rates and Services
 Home Alone Preferred Pet Care customary pet sitter services include, but are not limited to:
  • 40-45 minutes in home visit                                                             

  • neighborhood dog walk, if requested

  • lots of playtime and love, potty breaks, litter box cleaning

  • feeding, fresh water and bowl cleaning

  • collect mail and bring in newspaper 

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